• Leitz Microtome Model 1512 06336
Leitz Microtome 1512Leitz Microtome Model 1512. The width in inches is 13.5 with the handle and 10.5 without the handle. The depth of the unit in inches is 15.5 and the height is 13. The specimen thickness adjustment is 0 to 25 microns in 1 micron increments. The specimen clamp can be rotated through 10 degrees in any direction. The manual cutting knife has horizontal movement. The knife adjustment range on the guide track is 36 mm and the inclination range is 30 degrees.The section area is 40 mm x 30 mm. All common knife types up to 170 mm can be used. Knife not included.

Leitz Microtome Model 1512 06336

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