Beckman Model 501310 P/ACE system MDQ methods development kit for the separation of proteins and small molecules by capillary electrophoresis. Contents include: 2 eCAP Amine Capillaries (65cm lengths), 1 (1ml volume) Histamine Reference Marker, 1 (1ml volume) eCAP Neutral Marker, 1 (25ml volume) eCAP Amine Regenerator Solution, 1 (3mg) eCAP Protein Test Mix, 1 (4ml volume) eCAP Small Molecule Test Mix, 1 (100ml volume) eCAP Citrate/MES Buffer (pH 6.0) and 1 (100ml volume) eCAP Tris Buffer (pH 8.0).

Beckman 501310 PACE System MDQ Methods Development Kit 09419

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